Kanye West is Convinced That He’s “Jesus Christ”, Says Doctors


Dr. Rebecca, who is evaluating Kanye West’s mental state since his hospitalization, told reporters that the artist suffers from psychotic hallucinations and thinks he’s the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

Kanye West was handcuffed to a stretcher and hauled off to the UCLA Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation, where he was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold as a preventative measure for his own health and safety.

According to doctors, West suffers from grandiose delusion, a pathology which is known to cause patients to believe they are someone famous, omnipotent, wealthy, or otherwise very powerful, like God.

Mr West is disconnected from reality,” the psychiatrist told reporters. “He keeps repeating that he is the Son of Man and that he is forgiving us for our sins. He even asked repeatedly to be allowed to walk around the hospital so he could cure the sick.”

Dr Rebecca explained that Mr West is suffering from severe hallucinations.

Dr Rebecca, says that Mr West’s condition is very serious and could take weeks or even months of treatment.

His personal doctor finally decided to get him interned earlier this week, after he suffered what people close to him have been calling “a spiritual breakdown”.

This forced hospitalization comes after several months of erratic behavior from West, which now seem to be signs the rapper was going through a very difficult time.

Kanye was “paranoid and profoundly depressed” and has not yet recovered from his breakdown.


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