Kanye West Beats Teen for Calling Kim “N*gger Lover”

fan beaten

BEVERLY HILLS – Kanye West has allegedly beaten an 18 year old teenager today because the teen allegedly called his wife, Kim Kardashian, A “N*gger lover”.

The couple was at the Beverly Hills Medical Building when it all happened. There happened to be a crowd of paparazzi waiting to photograph them. West took matters into his own hands and reportedly beaten the teen while shouting out “You gonna learn today, Mother f**ker”.

Reporters were shocked to see Kanye beating a young boy. Kim Kardashian said this is not the Kanye West she “knew”.

The teenager have filed a complaint and charges against Kanye. Kanye fans believe he was possessed by a demon. It is also speculated that West got angry at teen because he was not wearing popular clothing brand Polo Ralph Lauren which only added to his extreme anger.

It has been discovered that Kanye has a growing obsession with Ralph Lauren and constantly taunts with “It aint Ralph though”.

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