Jeremy Clarkson Has an Secret Affair With Top Gear Producer’s Wife


According to Metro, the man in question is 36-year-old Oisin Tymon, who joined the show in 2008 as an assistant producer and worked his way up the ladder to his producer role.

There are so many rumors out there on the internet about Jeremy punching Oisin Tymon(Producer). This is TRUE that he punched him but not because of food serving issues or other fake stories on internet. Jeremy Clarkson was involved in a secret relationship with Oisin’s wife since the last 2 years. The real reason he fought was because Oisin found his wife’s secret relation with Jeremy. Oisin asked about the relation and then Jeremy punched him.

Later, they both built up stories to cover the scenario in account to save their respect. Oisin has suspended Jeremy by putting other fake blames on him through his sources in BBC Network.

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