Jars of Pickled Human-Testicles Found in Storage Unit

A man was shocked after he purchased the content of a storage unit at an auction Yesterday, in Anaheim: five glass jars filled with dozens of marinated human testicles.

57-year Allen Price paid $375 at an auction for the content of a seized storage unit, hoping it could hold some hidden treasures.

He did find several interesting and unusual objects among piles of old clothing, like an entire set of surgical tools dating from Nazi Germany, some medieval torture instruments and an Incan drinking cup made from a human skull.

He also founds several ancient books and scrolls about alchemy and occult rituals, including a 3300-year old Babylonian clay tablet inscribed with a recipe for an elixir of immortality, which was apparently stolen during the looting of Iraq’s national museum in 2003.

This got even stranger when he opened a large wooden chest hidden in the back of the unit under piles of junk.

“It was filled with creepy stuff like a Tibetan flute made from a human femur, a voodoo amulet made from a dried monkey hand, and a shrunken human head. I also found a few jars filled with blood, and five jars filled with testicles pickled in wine.” 

Worried that many of these items could be illegal in California, Mr. Price contacted the Anaheim Police Department who rapidly dispatched investigators to the site.

They were rapidly able to determine that the former tenant had used a false identity to rent the unit, and investigators are already working to identify him.

According to employees of the storage rental company, he’s a white male, aged between 60 and 75 years old and speaks white a Germanic or East European accent.

Anaheim Police Chief John Welter confirmed that an investigation was underway to identify the former tenant of the storage unit.

This isn’t the first time that buyers make strange discoveries inside seized storage units.

Over the last few years, several disturbing finds have been reported across the USA, including an amputated leg and a dead grandmother in her casket.


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