Janitor Arrested after Sexual Assault on Dead Body

Moscow | A Russian woman working as a janitor at Lenin’s Mausoleum in Moscow’s Red Square has been arrested under accusations of desecrating the body of former Soviet Union leader Vladimir Lenin.

The body of Russia’s most iconic leader had recently caused concern after fungus had appeared on many parts of his body, alarming visitors and forcing authorities to investigate into the matter.

Video surveillance tapes revealed that Mausoleum employee and janitor, Irina Kovylina, apparently sexually assaulted the embalmed body of the former Soviet Union leader on numerous occasions by breaking into the airtight sarcophagus.

“The suspect has been found guilty of performing regular sexual intercourse, as well as oral and anal sex on the embalmed body” Moscow City Police Chief, Oleg Baranov, said on national television.

Moscow City Police Chief, Oleg Baranov, said on national television that the desecration of the body of Vladimir Lenin was the most “appalling” crime he had heard of and will be dealt with “severity.”

Irina Kovylina, is believed to have a suffered a nervous breakdown after she had recently discovered her husband of 8 years was having sexual intercourse with the family’s German Sheppard, family and friends told the Moscow Herald.

“It is all because of her disgusting pig of a husband. If he had taken better care of her instead of cheating on her, this would never have happened,” Kovylina’s mother told reporters.

Close friends of Kovylina also believe the woman, who was heavily intoxicated by alcohol and under antidepressant medication at the time of the crime, acted in desperation to make her husband jealous.

“Irina’s husband is a great nostalgic of the former Soviet Union and deeply venerated Lenin. It is possible that she had sex with the dead body of Lenin in an attempt to take revenge on Mikhail and make him jealous,” a close friend reported.

Russian law officially forbids all “non-traditional sexual relations” such as pedophilia, incest, sodomy, and necrophilia.

People found guilty of such sex crimes face jail time as well as chemical castration, while repeat offenders may face life sentences.

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