ISIS Recruiter Gets Mocked For ‘Tiny’ Manhood After Sending Pictures of Himself to Girls

A RECRUITER for ISIS has been sending private selfies of himself to girls.

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The UK-based extremist, Jazwari Saraqib, regularly posts online propaganda backing terrorist thugs.

When you think of a Daesh recruiter, you probably imagine a loud-mouthed, radicalised, deluded extremist. But this is exactly opposite, Jazwari Saraqib is being mocked after sending girls selfies.

This photo of him grinning like a madman while flashing his manhood is what’s been causing such a stir on the internet, reports The Sun.

One person posted: ‘He sent the wrong ISIS fangirl n*des of his (tiny) wiener’, while another said: ‘ISIS fanboy ‘Jazrawi’ exposed.’


According to another user, Jazrawi ‘is married’ and has been tricking women into bed with him, saying:

This ISIS recruiter in London promised marriage to ISIS women, but then just had intercourse & taped it.

Jazrawi became infamous following the San Bernadino shootings last December which saw 16 fatalities, after he posted numerous tweets promising more attacks on U.S. soil.

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