INDIA – Cow Urine Can Cure Cancer and Cow Poop Can STOP Nuclear Bombs


Indians has found yet another use for cow refuse. After calling cow urine a miracle drug that can cure everything from cancer to taking care of your teeth.

The Indian organization ‘Muslim Rashtriya Manch’ has claimed that cow poop can render hydrogen and make atom bombs “ineffective”.

If you paint a place with cow poop/dung, radioactivity won’t effect it – claims the organization.

They’ve launched a full range of cosmetics (cowsmetics) made with cow urine and dung. Not only do they believe that these have medicinal value, but also that these are better than the things you get in the market.

urine products

They are also selling cow urine cola (Cow-Cola).

“The use of ‘gau mutra’ (cow urine) in medicines and beauty products will help farmers and prevent them from selling cows. Use of cow dung to prevent pimples, every girl in India should use cow urine. But people are reluctant to use dung, which is why we are making beauty products out of it,” VHP leader Venkatesh Abdeo.

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