“If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late” El Chapo Left a Note In His Cell

el chapo prison note

MEXICO – Authorities are shocked by the note they have discovered in Mexican drug lord’s cell. Joaquin “El Chapo” left a hand written note in Spanish in his cell before escaped from the most secured prison in country.

The note reads:

Si estas leyendo esto, ya es demasiado tarde. Me pueden encontrar dandole una paliza revolucionario a ese pinche viejo Donald Trump.

Which translates to: “If you’re reading this, It’s too late. You can find me giving that f**king old man Donald Trump a revolutionary as*-wh**ping”

Appearing that El Chapo wants to fight Donald Trump, authorities have issued a massive manhunt to capture El Chapo. Authorities have also deployed agents to protect Donald Trump from any physical harm.


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