Husband Sues Wife For Fraud After He See’s Her Without Make-Up

wife makeup

A man is suing his new wife for fraud, trauma and ‘psychological suffering’ after seeing her for the first time without make-up.

He feels cheated; and devastated by the truth the man is suing his wife for $50,000 for  ‘incomparable depict’.

This morning after the wedding the man claims he was shocked to see his wife’s natural face. He said….

I am deceived by her as she used to fill up her face with make-up before marriage. She looked very beautiful and attractive before marriage, but when I woke in the morning and found and saw her, i was shocked to see her without make-up. At first I was frightened as I thought she is intruder or thief.

Thanks to the internet the amount of make-up tutorials is endless, and if you have got a talent with a brush you can pretty much make yourself look like anyone you like.

Here’s what a source speaking on behalf of the man said:

man sues wife

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