Human Frog Baby Hybrid Discovered In Peru


PERU – Scientists were shocked when a local tribe brought them to the child of a young mother in the Amazons. The child appeared to be human like the mother but slightly amphibious in its facial features. The tribe has already begun to worship the strange deity calling it a miracle son of their “frog god,” but the scientists remain skeptical.

“While this case is particularly strange because we’ve always heard tales of the Amazon Frogmen, I believe that what we have here is severe human deformity,” said Dr. Emma Balston of the Charles Darwin Institute for Advanced Anthropology. She continued by adding, “what this indigenous tribe is calling a miracle is actually a tragedy because this baby may not live through the night.”

Piqi, a twenty-year-old native of the Alonquin Tribe of the New Amazons, responded (via translation), “this uppity chick just goes on and on, but we know what’s going on. We’re not going to worship this frog baby. We’re just going to deal with these scientists and have them stick around until we begin the ceremony in which we’ll ask them to step into this giant boiling cauldron full of carrots and celery. It’s fun to make the these folks sweat.”

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