Human Bones Discovered in Dinosaur Feces


COLORADO – Dinosaur feces contains some bone fragments belonging to some of our early human ancestors in the fecal matters of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Paleoscatologist Karen Chen has discovered human bones in coprolites (fossilized excrement). Human bones fragments among the fossilized Tyrannosaurus dung.

Variety of tests were performed to determine the nature of the bones. The analysis of the fragments produced absolutely unexpected results, as the bones turned out to be of human origin.

“I never expected anythig like this” says Professor Chin. “The fragments of bones turned out to be a part of a phalanx bone from the hand of an hominin, and the smaller ones are parts of a jaw bone. They appear to be from a specimen of Homo erectus or humanoid. That’s just unbelievable! ”

Scientists are shocked by her discovery, since non-avian dinosaurs are widely believed to have gone extinct more than 60 millions years before the appearance of the first hominin.

Extinction of the dinosaurs.

The dating analysis has dated both the dung and the bones at approximately 1.8 million years, suggesting that some dinosaurs actually survived the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event.

It proves that all non-avian dinosaurs did not disappear 60 million years ago. Our ancestors were actually preyed upon by some surviving dinosaurs!” –  says Professor Chin.

The coprolite in which the fragments were found was found. It’s a fossilized tyrannosaurus dung weighting more than 8 pounds (3.7 KG)

Many other paleontologist have criticized Professor Chin’s conclusions, claiming that her results were simply impossible.

Ph.D James Patrick, of the Smithsonian institute said :

“There were neither dinosaurs nor humans in USA, 1.8 million years ago. Homo erectus never made it to America, and Tyrannosaurus had already been extinct for 60 million years. She’s wrong and her results are erronous!”

Despite the critics, Karen Chin now intend to search for more coprolites across western North America, in order to determine approximately how many specimens of dinosaurs could have survived the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction.

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