Homeless Man Finds A Baby With 7 Legs ALIVE In Trash Can

baby in trash

NEW JERSEY – A homeless man was horrified after discovering a new born baby while scrounging through a dumpster behind a local abortion clinic. The infant, who had 7 legs and exposed organs, was found covered by boxes and junk.

Steven Barley, a 44-year-old homeless man, said he heard the suppressed cries of the child as he was approaching the trash bin.

“I was looking for food and cans, when I heard a kitten’s cry from the dumpster,” Said Barley. “I thought it was a cat and I don’t generally go into these dumpsters on the grounds because once I saw couple of dead babies so I don’t scavenge through these. But I’m lonely and I thought if this is a cat I could have a companion. But, when I looked in there and saw a child I freaked out because it looked kinda deformed. It was horrible, I called 911 from the pay-booth.”

According to police reports, the baby was confirmed to be a boy and was just a few hours old, and was taken to Inglewood Hospital and Medical Center where he is under observation. As per reports, the abortion clinic is allegedly doing premature-abortions by injecting saline into the womb and allowing the mothers to give birth to stillborn babies.

But, this time, the saline did not kill the infant. Doctors report that occasionally the saline can render the baby unconscious, creating a very short, undetectable pulse. In this circumstance, doctors assumed the baby was dead and quickly, as well as improperly, discarded the body.

The abortion clinic, whose name has not yet been released due to fear of angry protests from pro-lifers, has been temporarily closed during the investigation. Doctors can only assume that when the mother found out the baby had multiple limbs and exposed internal organs, she decided to opt for the abortion. At this time, they are trying to find the mother of the child to receive more information about what actually happened.

Late-term abortions are illegal after 24 weeks of gestation. In this case, doctors say this infant was around 32 weeks. They are calling this baby an absolute miracle due to the fact it not only survived the late-term abortion, but also because of its deformities and severe medical issues.

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