Harvard Study Claims “Adolf Hitler Was a Woman”

hitler a woman

Researchers from the University of Harvard claims that the skull fragment of Adolf Hitler, secretly preserved for decades by Soviet intelligence, belonged to a woman.

DNA analyses performed on the skull, held for decades by the Russian State Archive in Moscow, have been processed at the genetics lab of the University of Harvard. The results, to be broadcast next month in History Channel’s new series Hunting Hitler, which explores alternative theories surrounding the ruler’s death, completely astonished scientists.

Professor of Forensic anthropology, Mr. Verner said: “How is this possible? How could Hitler have hided this aspect of his life from historians for so long?” he admits, visibly puzzled by the results.

havard scientist
The study is believed to be the most in-depth analysis of the Fuhrer’s skull ever made. “We used highly advanced technology . Our results clearly imply that the skull possessed by the Russian State Archive is 100% female” he told local reporters.

Was Hitler a woman?

swiss teacher
Swiss historian, Abraham Zerlig, has claimed for over 38 years that Hitler was in fact, a woman.

“I was a teacher at the University of West Berlin in the 70′s that I had privileged access to Adolf Hitler’s medical files. His personal physician at the time, Helmut Lang, had noted a number of physiological anomalies that led him to believe that Hitler was in fact a woman” he recounts.

“I had the opportunity to discuss these questions in detail with the physician himself  before he past away in 1981. I have described these anomalies in detail in my 1976 best-selling book Die Frau hinter Hitler (The woman behind Hitler). At last, the life work of my good and regretted friend, Dr Helmut Lang, has finally been vindicated” he explained this week in an interview on German television.

A 2010 German documentary on the controversial subject of Adolf Hitler allegedly being a woman sparked national outcry when a group of German Neo-Nazis attacked members of the film crew and stabbed one member to death, leading to the arrest and conviction of five people.

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