U.S Government Will Move Criminals and Drug Addicts Out Of Neighborhoods


Washington, D.C. – The government has passed a new bill and program to move criminals and drug addicts out of neighborhoods. They have set aside 1.5 million acres in the Mohave Desert for their “Clean up America” program.

Experts believe approximately half million housing units will be built on this land which is estimated to be completion by the end of 2020.

Only criminals with at least one felony in their criminal record and drug addict will be moved into there units with free food and free utilities. But children are not allowed in this community so they must turn any dependent under the age of 18 over to social services.

Crime, riots, police shootings, drug arrests and other crimes are costing taxpayers billions of dollars per year. Analysts say although it will cost nearly $30 billion to build this community, in the long run it will save the taxpayers money.

It is predicted that the initial population will be cut in half within the first two years due to the crime, murders and purging that will possibly take place within the area.

According to National Crime Survey the crime rate had declined for nearly two decades before increasing in 2015. It was also reported that the majority of crime (approximately half of violent crimes and 40 percent of property crimes) are not reported to law enforcement agencies.

Do you agree with this new housing proposal?

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