FLORIDA: 16 Girls Found Pregnant after Teen Ejaculates in Swimming Pool

teenage girls

FLORIDA –  16 teenage girls between the age of 14 and 16 years of age have become pregnant after a pool party went wrong.

The pool party turned to tragedy when one of the teenage boy attending the birthday celebration ejaculated in the pool, accidentally ending up impregnating girls present at the celebration.

“I’m glad I didn’t swim that day,” remembers Daliah Jennings, present during the celebration. “It was my 15th birthday celebration, let’s just say that a baby in my womb is the kind of present I’m glad I didn’t get” she acknowledges, visibly relieved of not getting pregnant.

young boy
The young man, Tommy Coulter has admitted to the allegation.

The teenage boy claims there was no s*x at the party at all. 

“Some people in town say we had some kind of wild s*x night and that’s how I got all those girls pregnant, but I am still a virgin and that if anyone doesn’t believe me, I’m ready to undergo medical examination to prove it if that’s what it takes,” says the 15 year old boy. “I’ve become some sort of a local celebrity. People come up to me all the time and shake my hand and congratulate me, but I didn’t do anything!” he adds, visibly sincere.

Doctors believes the young man has a rare medical condition called spermafortis which makes his semen unusually potent.

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