Girlfriend Smokes PCP and Chews Off Boyfriend’s P*nis!



Dallas,Texas – A 25-year-old man, Alan Candelario is heard crying and screaming for help while someone in the back is growling and barking in a very disturbing 911 call.

Canderlario was rushed to the emergency room and is in stable condition police were told by the victim him and his girlfriend had smoked PCP together for the first time.

He tells police the last thing he remembers telling his girlfriend Jessica Alvarado “What that mouth do tho?” and when he pulled his pants down Jessica Alvarado started barking and he didn’t expect her to chew on his genitals.

Investigators at the scene say “We found the p*nis on the victims carpet it looked like a dogs chew toy” no charges have been set towards Jessica Alvarado but she is in custody at the moment.

Family and friends of Jessica at the scene say this is not her, she is a a nice and humble person everyone in the community is shocked.

Pray for Alan #dontdodrugs2015

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