Girlfriend Murders Boyfriend After He Posts His IG #WCW


Boyfriend was murdered by girlfriend after he posted a picture of his “Women Crush Wednesday” also known #WCW which trends on social media every Wednesday.

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE – Derrick Kingston 24, was stabbed by his girlfriend Nikki Mendoza, 21 while he was asleep in the apartment they both shared. According to close friends of the couple, there was no violence between the two other than normal arguments that couples go through.

According to Officer Logan Strew at the crime scene:

Kingston was already deceased in their bed laying in a “pool of blood” with his iPhone still in his hand and the Instagram app opened. Mendoza was found by police in the bathtub bathing herself as if nothing happened. She acted as if there wasn’t a dead body in the other room. She seemed “cold and Heartless”

Kingston’s best friend, Kyle Ferguson, made a public statement saying:

I was texting my boy Derrick when he sent me the iMessage of the girl he was going to post on his Instagram as his woman crush Wednesday, it was a chic he DM’d frequently and got nudes from but she didn’t even live in our state. I can’t understand why his girl would stab him over a picture he posted on his Instagram.

When Mendoza was taken into police custody, she uttered ” Derrick should have kept his eyes on me only, since he couldn’t keep his eyes to himself i closed them permanently”

The murder is being investigated for any other potential evidence or information. She is considered innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. If convicted of first degree murder, she is looking at a life sentence in prison.

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