Girlfriend Kills Boyfriend for Not Buying Her a Gift

Crazy girlfriend

A pregnant girlfriend kills the father of her unborn child when he did not get a gift for her from the mall.

Miata Phelan, age 24, went shopping with her boyfriend, his 8-year-old son and her boyfriend’s cousin. On the way back home, Phelan threw a fit because she did not get a present like everyone else during the shopping trip.

While still in the vehicle, Phelan started hitting her boyfriend, 28-year-old Larry Martin, on the drive back from the mall. Then, when Martin stopped to drop off a pair of shoes at his mom’s house, Phelan assaulted Martin some more and then drove off, leaving Martin, his son, and the cousin without transportation.

Since it was only a short walk home, the abandoned trio decided to walk, arriving about the same time as Phelan. Then, the psycho pregnant woman went into the apartment she shared with Martin and refused to let them in.

Then Martin started banging on the door. When Phelan opened it, she had a knife.

Martin’s 8-year-old son was right there when Phelan plunged a knife into his dad killing him. According to Runk, Phelan was screaming at the dying man, “This is what you get for messing with me…I hope you die mother F*****!”

The cousin, also on the scene, helped Martin to get to the sidewalk away from his attacker and immediately called 911. He also tried to keep his cousin alive by putting pressure on the wounds.

Ultimately, Martin was pronounced dead at a Chicago area hospital.

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