Girl Who Found Dead “Alien” Outside Her House Has Died

alien like creature

California – Miss Gianna, a teenager who posted what appears to be an alien like figure outside her house was found dead in her room 24 hours later.

Her body was discovered by her mother who immediately called 911. Her daughters body taken to a local morgue. 

The mother told reporters, “After calling 911, minutes later a group of men dressed in black suits showed up and took Gianna’s laptop for no apparent reason.”

The mother claims someone has been using her daughter facebook account since the incident because she knows for a fact her daughter Gianna was dead. She claims whoever is using her facebook account is pretending to be her.

Investigators told Gianna’s mother the cause of her daughter death was due to accidental suicide but the mother claims her daughter had no prescription medication or to her knowledge abusing drugs of any form she demands a further investigation.

When reporters asked her about the photos her daughter posted online, the mother claims she knew nothing about them but also her loud screaming the night her daughter was outside taking pictures.

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