Girl Marries Her Father On 18th Birthday, Says “We Belong Together”

This is as shocking as it can get…

dad marries daughter

FLORIDA | A young woman and her father united in a marital ceremony on the daughter’s 18th birthday, and they claim that they knew they belong together ever since she was 12 years old.

Shockingly, the father says he hung on to the hope that she would still care for him in that “special way” when she turned 18. On Saturday, his wish came true. The newlyweds, who asked to remain anonymous, say there is nothing wrong with the choice they have made.

“Its pure love…We both love each other, and we’re not hurting anyone,” said the newly wedded bride. “We will probably have to be careful having kids. We haven’t decided on that yet. He loves me, and I still call him daddy. People just need to stop judging us and let us be happy.

daughter and father relationship

The couple was married in a ceremony that does not “legally” consider them married in the eyes of the state, but to the blissfully happy couple, they’re just thrilled to finally be together.

“I consider her my wife. I made vows to her under God,” said her now husband. “Ever since her mother died when she was very young, I promised I would take care of her forever. And that’s what I’m gonna do.”

The couple says they will spend their honeymoon at Disney World for one week, followed by a Disney cruise.

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