Gay Man Turns Heterosexual After Seeing ‘Gates Of Hell’ During Near-Death Experience

ALABAMA | A homosexual man has decided to become straight after he allegedly had terrifying visions of Hell after a near-death experience.

William Frohlich, 34, claims he has been haunted for weeks by horrifying visions of “demons” and “Hell” after he was electrocuted during home repairs which led his heart to stop beating for several minutes before paramedics intervened.

The hellish visions were so frightening that the 34-year-old software engineer has even left his boyfriend of 12 years in the process of “trying to turn heterosexual” and “leaving his evil ways behind.”

“I first lost consciousness and was surrounded by a sea of light. I then tried to reach a brighter point of light before a hoard of dark shadowy figures took me away from the light and into the darkness,” he said on Youtube.

“The demons kept laughing and pulling me into the void of darkness before I heard a loud powerful voice. It was the voice of God and he told me there was no place for my kind in Heaven,” he recalled, visibly frightened.

“My life then flashed before my eyes and I saw all the penises and rectums I had eaten or fooled around with in my life and I understood then why I was not allowed into Heaven,” he added.

The horrific visions vanished after paramedics were able to reanimate his inanimate body but have haunted him ever since, admitted Frohlich in an emotional Youtube video released this week.

William Frohlich, who had not attended church in more than a decade, says the church now plays an integral part in his “new life path,” as he calls it.

“I was a sheep gone astray. I had lost my faith in God and I now understand I was doing the work of the Devil. God has given me a second chance and I will spend my life preaching the word of God.” he warned.

Frohlich admits to going public about his hellish visions because he hopes other “homosexuals and sinners” will heed his message and follow the “righteous path to God” by changing their “devil worshipping ways” and “accepting Jesus as their Lord and savior.”

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