Frank Ocean Wont Release His Next Album Until 2025

Christopher Francis “Frank” Ocean, is an American singer, rapper and songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana.

boys dont cry album

LOS ANGELES – Fans have been long awaiting the next studio album of R&B artist Frank Ocean, reportedly, Frank Ocean does not plans to release his next album “Boys Don’t Cry” anytime soon, maybe in the year 2025.

His album “Boys Don’t Cry” has been delayed far too long and it’s making Adele cranky. Recently, fans have been teased with Frank Ocean’s snippet of music when he was featured in Kanye West’s single “Wolves.” In addition, there was just total silence after the track release.

It was so quiet that it was deafening enough for Adele to allegedly let out a sigh of impatience. In an interview she the multiple Grammy award winner said that the album is taking too long. “I’m just *** waiting for Frank *** Ocean to come out with his album,” Adele shared.

It has now been almost four full months since the album – thought to be called ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ – was first expected to surface and the fans are restless. As one tweeter put it, “Frank Ocean still not dropping his album is why I have trust issues”. Ocean admirers-turned-laptop detectives have since taken any opportunity to figure out when we will be able to hear this mythical record. But now, Ocean fans are in for a long wait, as 2025 is 9 years from now.

Ocean’s last album, ‘Channel Orange’, released in 2012 with the hit songs “Thinkin’ Bout You”, was the most likely the last few tracks you will hear from Frank Ocean, so listen them and appreciate them. Hopefully Frank Ocean’s next album will be worth the wait.. (probably not).

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