Floyd Mayweather Attacked By Meek Mill Over DJ Request for Drake Song

floyd attack in bar

MICHIGAN – Detroit club was booked for a party for Floyd Mayweather, Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill. But things got serious when Meek Mill attacked Floyd Mayweather, for requesting DJ to play Drake’s song.

Within 15 minutes the party was over. Right after 1am Meek Mill and Floyd Mayweather began arguing. One of the patrons from the club says Floyd asked the DJ to play Drake Back 2 Back which is actually a Meek Mill diss record.

Everybody know Drake & Meek Mill has been in a beef over something said by Meek Mill.

Security guards from the club says no one was hurt. A rep from the Mayweather team say they will not report incident to the authorities.

Meek Mill better be careful, sneaking one of the worlds greatest boxer is not good for your career or health. We got a feeling Meek Mill will be no where near any event that will include Mayweather anytime soon.

We are waiting for the club owners to release the security footage. Of course we will not have the video first because we refuse to pay 100K for any footage.

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