Father Arrested After Punishing Daughter for Using Dog Snapchat Filter By Locking Her in a Cage

Rolando Cruz was arrested after he posted pictures of his 17-year-old daughter in a cage.

He had locked his daughter, Monica Cruz, in a cage for three straight days while her mother sat there and watched simply because he caught her using the dog face Snapchat filter in several pictures on Facebook.

The teenager was discovered by her grandmother after she was worried that her granddaughter had not answered her calls for several days.

According to reports the teen was treated just like the family dog. She was fed Purina Dog Chow and water out of bowl, had not bathed at all during the duration of her lock up and had to shit in the cage.

“Mr. Cruz explained to me that he found several photos on his daughter’s Facebook page that made her look like a dog. He asked some friends at his job about what it was and they told him that it was an app that gave the photos the effect.

Mr. Cruz was not happy that his daughter would choose to look like a dog on the internet which prompted him to take extreme measures in an attempt to discipline his daughter,” the detective working the case said.

Both parents have been arrested on child endangerment and neglect charges, Monica Cruz was put into her grandmother’s care.

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