Facebook Dispute Results In Death of ‘3 Year Old’ Girl


Amiracle Williams was outside of her residence with her family at the time of the attack. Several young woman that approached the family and began to fight right in front of the William’s residence.

Amiracles father was worried that his daughter was in danger so he shot someone he suspected had a gun. Shortly after the first shooting, a second individual took out a Tec-9 machine gun and began to fire repeatedly, striking Amiracle and her three family members, he said.

Local neighbors claim that the group of people that approached them hated the Williams specifically because the head of the house was a police officer. As Amiracle’s father uploaded his graduation pic from the police academy that is when people began to treat them disrespectfully.


The dispute on Facebook involved Amiracle’s father defending remarks made by police.

Apparently the 23-year-old male that shot the family had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. It is still unclear whether this was gang affiliated although specific people from the fight are already marked as gang members.

“The shooting was a decision made by a coward, once again, another coward that goes out and engages in senseless violence,” local sheriff includes to reports.

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