Facebook Adding “Dislike” Button in 2015

facebook dislike button

California — Facebook held a special press conference for the holidays, revealing several massive changes to the website in the upcoming year.

Mark Zuckerberg said to enthusiastic journalist, “Most of all, we’re proud to announce the most anticipated addition to the Facebook platform, the dislike button.”

facebook-unlikeHe continued to say, “people have been asking for it. We tried to play nice and just make it so that you could remove people from your feed hoping that they’d get the message. They didn’t. They continued posting endless streams of pictures of their kids, what they were eating every second of the day, and uncomfortable pictures of them hanging out with people who would rather not have their face posted all over Facebook.

They continued making posts about how haters are going to hate and cryptic remarks about not understanding the person they’re with even though they’ve only been with that person a couple of weeks or a month tops. We didn’t want to do it but they forced our hand. If you don’t like it, then you can dislike it, mother fu***r.”

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