Drake’s Father Reveals A Secret About Drake

Drake, already has broken a Billbord Hot 100 record by scoring 20 songs on the chart simultaneously, is definitely the man of the hour.

father of drake

TORONTO – In an interview with Dennis Graham, Drake’s biological father, reveals some deep secret/information about his son Drake.

Drake’s music speaks a lot about his father Dennis, and how he was always a big inspiration for him, especially because of his musical roots. Dennis told reporters in an interview: “I knew Aubrey was a music man, most of my family are music men, me and his mother saw it in him since he was a child” Said Dennis.

But what Dennis later admitted during the interview was what shocked everyone. Dennis admitted that he was extremely close to pulling out on Drake when him and his ex-wife Sandi Graham were having sexual intercourse. “I remember that night” said Dennis, “Me and Sandi were having sex. The plan was we try and make a baby, but I have to admit that right before I was going to come I pulled out because I hesitated, but I had pulled out about half a second too late. Originally I had thought I successfully pulled out until a few weeks later Sandi told me she was pregnant” finished Dennis. “I regretted it for a few years but now I don’t”.

As cliche as the “you were an accident” joke sounds, Drake was genuinely an accident, according to his father. Dennis also revealed that he never told Drake he was an accident, but now it won’t take too long for him to find out.

Everything happens for a reason doesn’t it? Next time you think of pulling out, remember, it can be the next Drake.

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