Dog Murdered Because He Looked Like Putin, Claims Owner

dog murdered

The owner of a deceased dog is making headlines after his pet was allegedly murdered by Russian secret service agents.

According to report, 5-year-old dog became famous and internet celebrity in 2013 after pictures of the dog became highly popular on the internet after attracting much attention for looking like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

People flocked from all over Europe to get a picture alongside the famous look-alike of President Putin, recounts the owner.

“Thousands of people come to my village and meet and take selfies with my dog. Many reporters from newspapers all over the world also visited us. My dog, Anatol was very fond of crowds, he liked the attention a lot” he remembers, visibly heartbroken.

“I have received many anonymous death threats since Anatol became famous in international media, but I never took them seriously,” he told local reporters.

owner of putin
Igor Valensky, the owner claims that Russian secret service agents killed his dog because he looked too much like Russian president, Vladimir Putin

67-year-old Igor Valensky, is convinced that Russian agents are behind the murder of his dog.

“They came at night, while I was sleeping. I heard barking in my backyard, which was unusual and that is when I heard Anatol make strange noise like he had been badly hurt. I looked out the window, all I could see were two men dressed in black suits embark in a black car,” he recalls.

“They weren’t Ukrainian because I clearly heard one of the men tell the driver to ‘hit the gas’ and what I found unusual was that he was talking in Russian”, he explains.

The deceased dog was found with 6 bullet holes in his body, a fact that the owner finds utterly disturbing.

“Who would come out in the night and shoot my dog with a silencer?” he asks, visibly angered. “I heard no gun shot, nor did any of my neighbors, this was done in a professional hitman-like fashion,” he adds.

Analysis of the bullets by local police authorities has revealed the type of gun used by the assassins to be a Makarov PMM Semi-automatic pistol, the main service sidearm used by Russian Armed Forces.

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