Doctor Arrested for Telling Patients They Have HIV as April Fools Joke


Doctor Arrested for Telling Patients They Have HIV as April Fools Joke

CHICAGO – A doctor has been arrested for allegedly telling all his patients that they were HIV positive as an April Fools joke.

Dr. Prince Johnson, A local Chicago Doctor was arrested a few hours ago after suspicion of giving patients false HIV test results. Patients and NURSES began getting suspicious after 16 patients “tested positive for HIV”, until nurses found out the truth, Dr. Johnson was playing an April fools joke on all his patients.

Upon realizing Dr. Johnson was being dishonest, patients called the authorities and Dr. Johnson was immediately arrested.

“I can’t believe this was all a part of a sick April fools joke, I’m so relieved to find out i actually don’t have HIV”, says Clarissa, a patient of Dr. Johnson. Although nurses cleared up actual the HIV results, not everyone left the clinic with relief. According to nurses, there was a patient, who Dr. Johnson had told was HIV negative, only to find out she was actually HIV positive.

But when was Dr. Johnson going to tell his patients “April fools”? After searching Dr. Johnson’s office for more evidence, authorities stumbled upon a small stack of greeting cards with “APRIL FOOLS N*GGA” written inside each one of the cards, along with a picture of NBA legend Magic Johnson. Authorities are sure Dr. Johnson was planning to give the cards to his patients at some time.

“It’s a shame to see a DOCTORS, who is supposed to act professional, get arrested for an April fools joke as serious as HIV, how childish can someone get?” says officer James Hatt. None of the patients decided to file lawsuits against Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson will appear in court some time next week.

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