DJ Khaled Snapchats Credit Card and Gets Robbed For $80,000

dj khalid

The hip hop star and self-claimed guru of Snapchat, DJ Khaled learned a costly lesson about being careful with what you post online.

DJ Khaled flashed his American Express Black Card during one of his motivational videos, he reportedly lost $80,000 within seconds.

Reportedly one of his snapchat followers began making purchases online within 5 seconds after Khaled posted a snapchat. Later he had to call the authorities and made it known that the purchases were being tracked.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and this is just. Another one,” said Khaled later via Snapchat.

According to authorities, DJ Khaled will only get $2,560 as reimbursement for his damages as some smart people used proxies to make online purchases and those could not be tracked.

“Those smart a** people who bought something with my card. Not all purchases are trackable. Congratulations, you played yourself.”

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