Detroit dog catcher accused of having sex with dogs

51-year old Barney Clifton was arrested by the Detroit Police Department after the accused was identified as the author of several zoophilia videos posted on the dark web.

According to investigators, the clues that brought their attention to Mr. Clifton were some packagings for a rare medical treatment designed for men born with micropenises, that were visible in the background of a few videos.

DPD spokesman, Lieutenant Maurice Franklins, says that this particular medication is prescribed to less than 200 people across the U.S., a fact that considerably reduced their list of suspects.

“We knew we were looking for a man with a penis measuring less than half an inch. When we learned the accused was a dog catcher using that specific drug, it immediately rang a bell.”

According to Lt. Franklins, other accusations could be added over the next few weeks as investigators are trying to determine if the accused could be behind other illegal videos.

“We suspect him of being behind several hundred other videos involving everything from parrots to hamsters, even skunks. That guys is a real nutjob!”

Detroit police spokesman, Lieutenant Maurice Franklins, says the accused was identified by due to his use of a rare drug for men born with micropenises.

Mr. Clifton now faces a total of 1561 criminal charges, including bestiality and animal cruelty, as well as production, distribution, and possession of illegal pornographic material.

His lawyer, Mr. Robert Fitgerald, has already announced his intention of demanding a psychiatric evaluation, claiming his client suffers from “severe mental problems that make him unfit to stand trial”.

The prosecution will probably accept that request, as Mr. Clifton is known for mental health problems and already spent more than 5 years in psychiatric instituti0ns.

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