Dementor Wasp Bites a Man – Turns Him Into Zombie

Dementor Wasp bites human

A wasp discovered in Thailand turns its prey into ‘zombies’ with venom before devouring them alive. This insect is given the name Ampulex dementor after the characters from the Harry Potter novels that suck out people’s soul.
When one of these wasp bits a cockroach or an insect, it injects a venom into its stomach making its mind out of control and then eventually it dies due to effected nervous system.

A man named Dang Gamon 32, was recently bit by one of these Dementor Wasp and is under serious mental condition. Her wife name Tia Letom reported that her husband ate our hamster last night and is behaving very gruesomely. His Face got swollen including his eyes. He hasn’t spoken a single word since yesterday and now is in city hospital under medical care.


Doctors said

Dang is facing serious health issues. He is going insane, his behaviour is very violent, he tried to bite his own arm today to take of the cannula. According to blood reports his blood cells are changing in a rapid manner and transferring to inhumane cells i.e. those of hybrid creatures like mixture of animals, plants and human themselves which lead us to results that these type of people are Zombies. Doctors are trying to use Blood Filtration Process to save the Patient.

According to another report, scientist have declared that if these Dementor Wasp bites a human being their organs could fail functioning normally and they might act like Zombies.

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