Daycare Workers Brutally Beating Young Kids

Two daycare workers were caught on camera brutally beating three siblings.

Stachya Powell and J’moni Bonner were arrested in Silverton, Ohio, after police watched a video showing them beating a 1-year-old and his 3- and 4-year-old siblings who were in their care.

The situation supposedly took place three days prior to their arrest, but the children’s mother, Tatiana Mance, is demanding answers as to when the beatings began.

In the video, Powell is the first staff member to strike the 1-year-old, whom she hits six times before grabbing his arm and flinging him to the ground.

Half an hour later, police said Bonner walked in and hit all three children. During the incident, the 1-year-old was even allegedly struck in the back of the head.

Jamica Thomas, the owner of the daycare, said “discovering that her employees beat the children is her worst nightmare. You got to be comfortable, they were doing it like it was nothing new to them”.

Bonner reportedly denied having abused the children, until she was shown the video, according to Thomas. But she said Powell’s justification for the abuse was unusual: she told her it must have been a bad day.

Thomas said she often watched the surveillance tapes and that this is the first time she has ever seen anything like this.

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