“Damn Daniel” Teen, Daniel Lara Hospitalized After Being Beaten And Robbed For His White Vans


CALIFORNIA – After the “Damn Daniel” video of a California teenager recording his friend “Daniel” and saying the phrase “Damn Daniel” multiple times as he walks around the school looking cool and wearing his white vans went extremely viral on the Internet, it is being reported that “Daniel”, real name Daniel Lara, is being hospitalized in critical condition after he was severely beaten and robbed for his white vans just outside his home in California Saturday night, just only a few days after the “Damn Daniel” video went viral.

The video “Damn Daniel” is the latest viral video and it features a teenager named Daniel Lara and a very interesting voiceover! The video features many Snapchat clips pieced together and they all feature the voiceover saying “Damn Daniel” while showing Daniel in his outfit each day. “Damn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans,” the voiceover says multiple times. Since the original video was tweeted a few days ago, it has gotten more than 200,000 retweets and favorites. But was the exposure a good thing for Daniel Lara?

Authorities say Daniel Lara was beaten and robbed by a group of 3 men for his white vans at around 11:30 P.M. just outside his home, as he was returning home from a night out. Authorities say the perpetrators robbed Daniel of his white vans so they could sell them on Ebay for a profit. Authorities even happened to find the Ebay listing of Daniels white vans, with the listing featuring Daniels white vans, with the description stating: “sorry they’re dirty, they got dirty when he beat his ass” (see pic below). The vans are being sold for $3,000 USD, Authorities are currently trying to locate the 3 robbers.


As for Daniel Lara, he is currently being treated in critical condition. Doctors say Daniel suffered severe injuries to the head, neck, torso, and minor injuries to the arms and legs. Although he is likely to survive, Daniel can suffer long-term problems because of the brutal beating. We will update you as soon a more information is revealed.

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