Crystal Meth Addict Nearly Dies after Chewing off his Own Penis

A man was found in a critical condition and lying a pool of his own blood after he allegedly chewed off his own penis while high on drugs.

37-year old Thomas James Franklin from Newark in New Jersey is recovering in the hospital after what investigators described as a “five-day methamphetamine binge” which ended with him biting off his own genitals.

According to a 31-year woman believed to be his girlfriend, he had “smoked up their remaining supply” and began to “act really weird.”

“He started talking to his penis and telling it to shut up,”  she told investigators. “He kept threatening it and telling it to leave him alone.”

She said Mr. Franklin was convinced that his penis was possessed by a demon named “Gorgoth” so he decided to chew it off.

“He just yelled: “You asked for it, Demon!” and bent over to bite his own penis!”

The woman says she laughed at first but called 911 once she realized he was bleeding heavily.  When the paramedics arrived on the site a few minutes later, Mr. Franklin had lost consciousness and a lot of blood.

He was rapidly transported to the Saint Michael’s Medical Center where doctors were miraculously able to stabilize him.

Dr. James Davis, who treated Mr. Franklin upon his arrival at the hospital, hopes this case will show the danger of drug abuse and convince Americans to stay away from crystal meth.

Methamphetamine hydrochloride, commonly known as crystal meth, is a recreational drug that has earned a very bad reputation in recent years

Users have been known to experience violent psychotic events, and a few other cases of self-mutilation have made the headlines over the last few years.

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