Couple “Pimp” Their Daughter To Make Bank Payments


Parents have been ‘pimping’ their own 14-year-old daughter in exchange for monthly payments.

According to investigations, the girls parents made her do “s*xual favors” for the manager of bank so they wouldn’t have to make monthly payment.

Officer James Hook said. “There were drugs involved in this family and it was some very sick, perverted stuff going on amongst the entire family. Rhyme or reason, I couldn’t tell you.”

The Sheriff’s Department said. “I don’t know how it transpired up to the point that they were exchanging for the car payment; but the manager wasn’t the only person that this couple gave this child to. It’s very horrific.”

The teenager’s parents, and the bank manager are jailed yesterday. The 14-year-old victim is currently living in foster care.

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