Cops Shoot Subdued Man and Mock Him While He Lay Dying

Tulsa, Okla. – Eric Harris was shot by cop and his final tragic moments were caught on video, as well as the sociopathic nature of law enforcement. Harris was accidently shot by a reserve deputy, apparently meaning to taser him, while on the ground being subdued by other officers.

Reserve officer Robert Bates, 73, can then be heard yelling “Tazer! Tazer!” as if to inform the other officer that he was about to use his stun gun on Harris, when suddenly a gunshot rings out.“I shot him!” the stunned reserve officer says, as he drops his gun onto the ground. “I’m sorry.”

An irate officer can then be seen screaming in the face of the bleeding gunshot victim yelling,

You ran! You f—kin ran! Shut the f— up!

Harris can be heard screaming,

“He shot me! He shot me, man. Oh, my god. I’m losing my breath.”

To which an officer gives a response that can only be described as sociopathic, telling the dying Harris,

“F–k your breath! Shut the f–k up!”

Harris was unarmed and died on April 2, about an hour after being shot.

If you are sick an tired of seeing this happen, while continually no one is held responsible, then help us to wake up more people by sharing this tragic story with others!

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