Co-op Plans To Open “Muslim Only” Stores in United Kingdom

Co-op Food

The Co-operative Food, known as Co-op, is a brand devised for the grocery business of the consumer co-operative movement in the United Kingdom. The brand is used by over 15 different co-operative societies which operate over 4,000 outlets.

Co-op have announced that they plan to open over two thousand ‘Muslim only’ corner shops in 2016. The decision was made after the shocking revelation that almost 6 in 10 people in the UK are now Muslim as a direct result of immigration.

More than 65% of retail staff across the UK are eastern European migrants. Polls now suggest that Islam is now the biggest religion/faith in United Kingdom with the Church of Scientology in close second.

co-op store
More than 70% of Co-op staff are eastern European migrants.

A spokesman for Co-op Alex Martin said:

We’re no longer a white British nation, in the next 5 years we’ll obviously be majority Muslim and half the population will be eastern European migrants. Co-op are making a smart business decision to preempt that.

These “Muslim only” stores will feature no products considered “haraam” or “forbidden” to the Islamic faith.

A muslim migrant Sajad Javyed said:

It reflects the type of multicultural, multifaith Britain we want to be. If anything we need more Muslim-only establishments.

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