Witness Describes What Happened at Christina Grimmie’s Murder

A popular YouTube star was shot dead at a gig in Orlando last night.

the star got shot

An eyewitness describes the horrific scenes inside the concert hall where Christina Grimmie was murdered.

Hot dog vender Josh Call described hearing gunshots before he rushed into the venue to be greeted by the horrific scene.

The 22-year-old former The Voice star was signing autographs for fans in Orlando when she was shot twice in the head by a 21-year-old white man who traveled form another location in Florida just to kill the singer.

He said: 

All of a sudden I hear the sounds of four really quick shots, people started running out out of the main room. As they started to run out of the main room I just hung around a little and decided to go on in – with great concern.

I walked in and there was a man doing compressions on a girl who was one of the performers. I looked over to the right and a gentleman was face down with blood everywhere and it looked like he had shot this girl and killed himself.

When asked what injuries he had seen, Call said: “Injuries you do not want to see again.”

Reportedly, Christina’s brother Marcus tackled the white man stopping him from mass shooting, during the struggle, the suspect shot himself and died on scene.

Marcus’ actions led him to be labelled ‘a hero’ by Orlando police officer Sergeant Wanda Miglio, who said:

This should have been something fun and exciting and for something like this to happen is just a tragedy.

According to police report, the white suspect had made plans to travel back to his home after murdering Grimmie and had two handguns with two extra magazines of ammunition and a large hunting knife on his person.

The gunman was not identified and police have not said why he attacked the singer.


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