Christians Criticize Bible Verses They Thought Were from The Quran

Hate against Muslims has reached fever pitch among conservatives in the United States, so much so that Republicans are actually starting to consider surveillance in every mosque and forcing all Muslims to wear identification. Most even want a Holy War in the Middle East.

the holy book

If people actually read their Bibles, they would know that it is just as violent as the Quran.

People clearly hadn’t read their own Bibles, because they were made to look like complete fools after pranksters replaced the cover on some Bibles to make them look like the Quran and went around asking people to read the verses and give their opinion of them.

Most people were horrified about the verses they were hearing, and viewed Islam more negatively because of them. Some verses called for oppressing women so that they remain submissive. Others called for cutting off limbs as a punishment.

When asked what they thought about the book compared to the Bible, the participants began to criticize it and concluded that the Bible is far more peaceful and inclusive. However, that’s not the case at all. As it turns out, the Bible is actually far more violent than the Quran.

And in order to make conservatives hate Muslims so much, right-wing pastors and politicians gin up fear and hate by characterizing Islam as an evil religion and trashing the Quran as a book of violence and killing, even though the Bible itself is even worse.

But instead of actually reading their Bibles and taking a look at the Quran to see if their pastors and politicians are telling the truth, conservatives would rather take them at their word and remain ignorant.

Until we break the cycle of ignorance, the hate and violence against Muslims will continue.

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