China’s top epidemiologist who is at the forefront of the research on the Wuhan coronavirus claims he has found a way to stop the outbreak of the deadly new virus.

Li Ping Wang, leading epidemiologist at Beijing University believes the Wuhan coronavirus has developed through interspecies sexual intercourse and that this practice must be discontinued to end the outbreak.

Wang went on national television yesterday to warn the Chinese population and the rest of the world of the origin and potential cure for the life-threatening epidemic.

“We can now confirm that the Wuhan coronavirus has spread through sexual intercourse between humans and chickens in the Wuhan region and the only way to end the outbreak is abstinence,” Dr. Wang warned on national television.

Li Ping Wang claims that his research has proven that similar to the AIDS virus, which developed through sexual intercourse between humans and monkeys, the Wuhan coronavirus developed through sexual intercourse between humans and poultry.

“Black people have the AIDS virus because they sleep with monkeys and Chinese have Coronavirus because of sex with chickens, this must stop now,” he told China Central Television.

The cultural practice of sexual intercourse with chickens to ward off evil spirits, promote crop growth and cure erectile dysfunction is a widely held belief and commonly practiced in many regions of the country have acknowledged experts.

“These traditions have been upheld for millennia and it will be hard for the Chinese people to stop indulging in such activities” Chinese cultural expert, Nathan Daniels explained.

Other medical experts had previously warned that the Wuhan Jī Jian Jie (also known as the Wuhan Chicken Rape Festival) which has been held for centuries in the region to ward off evil spirits could be at the origin of the 2002-03 SARS outbreak.

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