Charlie Sheen Claims He Got HIV From A Mosquito Bite At Magic Johnson’s House

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Charlie Sheen who has slept with over 500 women since he was diagnosed with HIV in 2012 claims he contracted HIV from a mosquito while attending a barbecue at Magic Johnsons house. Charlie Sheen says he remembers very vividly being in the patio eating his full rack of ribs and as he ate a storm of mosquitoes attacked him.

Sheen made his “revealing personal announcement” in an exclusive, live sit-down interview on Tuesday with Matt Lauer. Magic Johnson who has been battling HIV himself for years now has not commented about Charlie Sheens allegations. Sheen’s long time friend Mark Hasburg tells media he “doesn’t believe the mosquito story” and warns men around the world “All pus*y and good Pus*y be careful strap it up”.

Sheen, 50, who in 2011 lost his starring role on Two and a Half Men amidts a notorious public meltdown, has remained largely out of the spotlight after FX decided not to renew his most recent show Anger Management, in late 2014. In his personal life, it was announced in October 2014 that he and adult film star Brett Rossi ended their eight-month engagement.

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