Charles Manson’s fiancee pregnant with twins after In Vitro Fertilization


Charles Manson, the notorious convicted murderer who is currently serving nine concurrent life sentences at Corcoran State Prison, reportedly will be the proud father of twins.

Afton Elaine Burton, 28-year-old Manson’s fiancee, officially announced the news this morning on her Facebook.

“I am very happy to say my battle with infertility has officially ended,” she writes on her Facebook wall. “I am pregnant with twins and Charlie and I are so happy, thank you so much to Dr. John Ho Cheng and everyone at the Central Valley Fertility Clinic for all their help,” she explains.

Afton Elaine Burton’s mother, Melissa Burton, commented on the news.

“I don’t know anything about [Charles] personally. I don’t know his feelings,” she told a local reporter when reached by phone. “All I know is that my little girl is terribly happy and the whole family is rejoicing just at the thought of these two new family members that God has miraculously brought upon us” she said, visibly emotional.

manson twins
The two soulmates have announced the auspicious news to family and friends this morning.

Afton Burton, also known as Star, has tried incessantly to fall pregnant since the first year of her relationship with Manson at the age of 18.

“Charlie is definitely her soulmate,” admits one of her friends “For 9 years now they have tried to conceive a child with no success. I am the one who first told her of in vitro fertilization and how Obamacare could pay for a large part of the operation” she acknowledged. “Without Obamacare, all this would be impossible, they could never have been able to afford all this by themselves,” she adds.

Charles Manson, now aged 81, was denied parole for the 12th time on April 11, 2012, on the basis of mental health issues including schizophrenia and paranoid delusional disorder. The birth of the children could plead in his favor during the next parole hearing, believe some legal experts.


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