Cancer in Can – “Pringles” Contains Cancer Causing Chemicals

cancer in chips

Most people enjoy potato chips once in a while. But, “PRINGLES” are one of the most dangerous and toxic foods on the market made from cancer causing chemicals and potatoes.

Do you know Pringles and other stackable chips are not made from potatoes in any recognizable way. Pringles Company once said that the potato content of their product is so low, that technically they are not even potato chips.

What exactly “Pringles” are made from?

“Pringles” are made by mixing together rice, corn, wheat and potatoe flakes pressed into shape. The doughy substance is then rolled into an ultra-thin sheet. A machine cuts it into chip-cookies.

How “Pringles” are made?

Chips move on a conveyor belt and are pressed onto molds, which give them the curve. Those molds move through boiling oil. Then they’re sprayed with powdered flavors. From then on, it’s into the cans … and off towards the innocent mouths of the consumers.

The Cancer Causing Chemicals in “Pringles”

The most dangerous ingredients which causes cancer is added during the production process. This hazardous chemical is called “Acrylamide”.

Acrylamide is known to be a cancer causing and neurotoxic chemical and is created when carbohydrate foods are cooked at very high temperatures and this can be either baked, roasted, fried or toasted.

The worst offenders are potato chips and french fries, but it is terrifying to know that many food products cooked at temperatures above 212°F (100°C) contain this toxic chemical.

Acrylamide may be found in:

  • Potatoes: chips, French fries and other fried potato products
  • Grains: bread crust, toast, crisp bread, roasted breakfast cereals and other processed snacks
  • Coffee: roasted coffee beans and ground coffee powder. This may come as a surprise to you, but chicory-based coffee substitutes contain 2-3 times more acrylamide than regular coffee.

How much acrylamide are you consuming?

The limit for acrylamide in drinking water is 0.5 per billion and a six ounce serving of french fries contain around 60 micrograms of acrylamide so this is 5 HUNDRED times over the limit.

Potatos are so high in this toxic chemical, that in 2005 California sued the companies for not warning the Californian consumers about the potential health risks of acrylamide contained in their products.

Baked chips are worse than fried chips.

Think twice before reaching for baked chips. They are sure not healthier that regular fried chips, and you will certainly not avoid any health risks by choosing baked products. According to FDA, baked chips contain more than three times more acrylamide than regular chips! High temperatures also stimulate the creation of many other toxic materials and chemicals in food.

According to FDA Golden Fries contain 107 ppb of acrylamide, and the baked version contains 1,098! Remember that every can of “Pringles” contain cancerous “acrylamide”.

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