Canadian Man With Micropenis Is Denied Legally Assisted Suicide

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A 28 year old unemployed man, Jean-Martin Auclair, has been denied access to medical help to die after Canada’s Supreme Court officially decriminalized it today.

According to report, the man has suffered from the atypical condition since birth, also known as microphallus, a genetic predisposition that gives male an unusually small penis.

“It’s tragic! It really is a genetic disposition which has a huge impact on my patient’s social life and self-esteem” explains the man’s doctor, Andrew Johnson. 

“This man is at the end of his rope, as tragic as this may sound, there is no other solution. Doctors from around the world have all come to the same verdict: it is just way too small to do anything” he admits, visibly compassionate.

small manhood
Auclair’s physician, Andrew Johnson, claims all surgeons have come to the same conclusion that his genitals are too small for any possible intervention.

The young man claims his life is useless and that his medical condition prevents him from having any form of relationship and to find “true love”.

“How do you want me to keep a girlfriend? As soon as I drop my pants, they all start laughing” he says. “I’ve managed to keep a girlfriend once for two months, but that’s just because she was half-blind,” he remembers bitterly. 

“If I am still not a virgin today, it’s only because I close the lights when I bring a girl home and put on a prosthesis,” he told a local reporter . “I feel bad about lying about my condition, but a guy has to do what a guy has to do to get laid” he acknowledges with sincerity.

As of today, Canadian citizens who are terminally ill and whose suffering is “persistent and intolerable” can ask for medical help to die without doctors who help them end their days having to fear from being prosecuted.

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