A Canadian man who has been denied physician-assisted suicide thirty-two times in the past year is now enjoying a vacation in the Dominican Republic in the hope of ending his life.

Leslie Wilkins, 38, had previously attempted suicide on multiple occasions to end the pain associated with his alleged uncurable medical condition since he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year.

After learning about the string of mysterious deaths that have hit a number of American tourists visiting the Dominican Republic in the past months, Wilkins now believes the trip could be his last hope to die with dignity.

“I never had the guts to take my own life. I hope a trip to the Dominican Republic will take care of that for me” Leslie Wilkins, 38, told reporters.

Contrary to Wilkins claims, Dr. Giorgo Mitsotakis says that type 2 diabetes is a treatable condition if his patient “would lower his consumption of carbohydrates, exercise more and follow a strict nutritional diet.”

“My doctor said that I could cure my diabetes if I stopped eating pizza, ice cream and drinking beer. What kind of life is that? Is that really a life worth living?” Wilkins asked, visibly shocked by the proposition.

Wilkins told reporters that he had tried jogging and using the stairs instead of the elevator to get to his third-story apartment to shed some pounds but in the end, found it “too exhausting.”

“I even tried a vegan diet for two days, eating only sprouts and french fries. No dairy, no meat, no fun at all. It was horrible. That’s when I thought about suicide for the first time,” he admitted in tears.

Although officials have not yet found the cause of death of a number of American tourists who recently died in the Dominican Republic, Wilkins believes it is linked to low-quality alcohol and pesticides.

“I’ve been drinking their cheap bootleg alcohol all-day long and sleeping in those pesticide-infected beds. That should do the trick,” he added, visibly in peace with himself,  when reached by phone.

According to Canadian laws pertaining to physician-assisted suicide, type 2 diabetes does not fulfill the condition of a grievous and irremediable medical condition.

The U.S. government’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is currently involved in an investigation concerning the series of unusual deaths of Americans who recently traveled to the Dominican Republic.

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