Cam Newton Retiring From NFL After Losing Super Bowl 50


After losing Super Bowl 50 Sunday night against The Denver Broncos 24-10, Carolina Panthers Quarterback and NFL MVP Cam Newton, is retiring.

“Honestly! The NFL broke my heart.” – Cam Newton

The panthers have started a new tradition to “Dab” after every victory. “Dab” or “Dabbing” is a popular hip hop dance originating from Atlanta. After losing the Super Bowl, internet went into frenzy and made thousands of memes of Cam Newton dabbing.

Reportedly, Cam Newton loves dabbing. “He’s randomly dabbing throughout the day. He was holding a cup of water in his hand and suddenly dabbed, spilling the water.”, says Panthers physician Kenneth Peterson.

And that might be the reason he is retiring. It is estimated that 1 out of 10 Americans suffer from this disorder, primarily children, teenagers, and individuals in their twenties. Cam Newton will have to undergo therapy to help contain his disorder.

Cam Newton, who repeatedly shirked media attention in his NFL career, surprised many during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl when he “Dabbed”. The move came amid a report that Cam Newton planned on calling it quits.

Teammates were quick to voice their support for Cam Newton, but confirming the running back’s intentions.

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