C-3PO Was Based On George Lucas’s “Gay Friend”

George Lucas

George Lucas in a rare interview admitted that the popular C-3PO character was originally based on his gay friend, Josh Templar, who helped him design some of the Star Wars characters at the time.

This would make C-3PO, a humanoid robot character played by Anthony Daniels, the first officially gay character of the Star Wars movie series.

“At first, C-3PO was not intended to be a robot but a Morphlak, a humanoid species that were only of male gender, but the studio wasn’t too open about the idea of a gay character, let alone a whole planet sustaining a gay species” he remembers. “You have to remember it was the 70′s, people were far more uncomfortable about the topic of LGBT rights at the time. It made the producers, lets just say, pretty uneasy, so we eventually changed his character to an asexual robot” he said.

gay actor
Although 20th Century Fox initially criticized the idea to have a gay character in the series, George Lucas got his way around by hiring Anthony Daniels, one of the rare outspoken and openly gay actors at the time

“We told him about the character’s homosexual inclinations but not to make it too visibly “open”, due to the producers reticence. He surprised us by taking a gay British accent which we believed was just pure genius, that’s how the character took place and is frankly one of the most popular characters of the series with his companion R2-D2, as everybody knows” he acknowledged.

Many LGBT militants criticize the coming out of C-3PO as “too little, too late” and call for the boycott of the upcoming movies.

“Star Wars was a series which influenced a whole generation. Why did it take 40 years for C-3PO to come out of the closet?” asks Jimmy Salville, LGBT militant and spokesman for the Pink Flag Foundation. “The coming out of C-3PO could’ve triggered major change in our society and introduced a whole generation to the subject of LGBT rights and led to a profound revolution in American society, and maybe the world” he believes.

Director J.J. Abrams has also revealed in a recent interview that the newest episode of the franchise would be introducing a major new gay character to the Star Wars Universe.

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