Family in United Kingdom Bunker Down in Fear of “Brexit Apocalypse”


A British family is preparing to move down into their 4/15 meter long shelter in fear of the fallout of what some are already calling the coming “Brexit apocalypse”.

David Johnson and his family have decided that they would spend the next few months underground as a means of protecting their family against “the harsh times to come”.

“I’ve been warning people to prepare for the worst, I knew those crazy Brits would pull us into this dangerous situation,” warns the proud Scottish patriot.

“From here on, we have to prepare for the worst and my first duty is to protect my family” he told local reporters.

secret place
The local engineer started building his underground bunker less than six months ago over fears of the Brexit vote becoming a reality.

Emergency supplies sales spike

Sales of emergency provisions in the UK have gone through the roof after British citizens are stocking up on food-storage kits, torches, blankets and tents.

“As the economy crashes and people lose their jobs, food and water will become scarce and it is vital to gear up on supplies” he warns.

One UK dried food outlet says that sales have shot up by “500 percent or more” in the past weeks leading up to the Brexit vote.


A number of economists have warned that in the advent of a “Brexit” vote, Britain could lose its favorable access to European markets, uncertainty could dry up business investment and the country could tumble into recession.


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