Book Claims JFK Gad Secret Affair with Lee Harvey Oswald

A new upcoming book by author William H. Burrow, former Librarian of Congress and Harvard Historian, claims JFK’s assassination had nothing to do with a conspiracy theory involving the CIA, Lyndon B. Johnson or heads of the Chicago Mob but instead was the result of a secret love affair turned tragic.

The shocking new narrative comes not from the soon to be declassified JFK files that Congress is set to release in October of 2017, but instead by an eye-witness testimony from one of JFK’s most trustworthy bodyguards at the time, Edward Mahoney.

Burrow claims he has gotten this privileged information from the recorded death-bed confession of the 88-year-old former bodyguard of the president who recently passed away.

According to William H. Burrow’s upcoming book Sex, Love and Death of a President: The real story behind the JFK and Oswald love affair Lee Harvey Oswald was an abusive and jealous lover completely obsessed with JFK

“Mahoney was a key witness to John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s intricate web of love affairs. If his affairs with Marylin Monroe and Lyndon B. Johnson’s wife are well documented, what I learned about Lee Harvey Oswald left me flabbergasted,” he told reporters during the press conference.

“Oswald was extremely jealous and possessive. He hated that Marilyn got so much press about her affair with JFK and that he got none, he wanted everyone to know the special and intimate relationship he had with the president and grew very bitter with time’” he explained.

“When JFK wanted to terminate the relationship, that’s when Oswald went totally berserk,” the author claims, based on until now unpublished chapters of Lee Harvey Oswald’s own personal diary.

“The truth had been lying there in plain sight since the beginning, everything was written in his diary for all to see, but no one would have believed such a story at the time,” he adds.

“Edward Mahoney organized secret meetings with the president and Oswald in a number of hotels and locations. He swore on his deathbed that he was telling the truth and that the president had first met Oswald in San Francisco, at a private gentlemen’s club called Bohemian Grove in 1960, the year previous to his election.”

Oswald was allegedly a waiter and “sex toy” for members of the elite club according to Mahoney, a claim substantiated by Lee Harvey Oswald’s own diary confirms the author.

The book, which is set to be released next fall, promises to lift the veil of secrecy around the president’s multiple love affairs and dispel once and for all the “conspiratory views” that have blamed a number of culprits for the president’s assassination such as top members of the CIA, the former vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson and the Chicago Mob, claims the author.

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